Fashion street PUNE

Spending hours and hours for finding a good pair of jeans, shoes,  sunglasses or anything that makes u look great is always fun and exciting. I am talking about the fashion street of pune, a shopping paradise. You will get a wide variety of things and with a reasonable price. So, I have few details and tips for you guys for shopping in fashion street, Pune. 

Address : Near East street, Fashion St, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

 What can be bought 
I am listing few things that can be seen in almost every other stall

What men can buy 
  • Jeans
  • Shirts and T-shirts
  • Sunglasses 
  • Caps and scarves
  • Men jewelry(like bracelets, chains) 
  • Belts 
  • Wallets
  • Shoes 
  • Watches
What women can buy
  • Tops 
  • Dresses(Long, short and medium) 
  • Bottom wear(shorts, jeans, leggings, Jennings, printed pants) 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Shoes (heels, wedges, flats) 
  • Purses and bags
  • Scarves and jewelry 
  • Beauty products
  • Watches
The list is still very long. You can buy things for kids as well, like toys dolls etc. 

Who should go fashion street 
Well street shopping is for everyone but the people who are very much brand conscious should not go. Those who are looking for a very good quality product and the product which can be used for long term should also avoid going to fashion street.  But those who are not in the mood of spending too much money and dress themselves in street style they must visit the fashion street Pune.

Trial Rooms
There are no trial rooms in fashion street so either you put on the clothes over what you are wearing or just guess the size of the cloth. There is no return policy until and unless you do some friendship with the shopkeepers and they do not give you the bills.

Mumbai fashion street Vs Pune fashion street 
Fashion street of pune is very small as compared to fashion street in Mumbai. Fashion street of Mumbai is mainly focuses on clothes and with the wide varieties for men and women both. While in pune number of stalls are very less and not so famous among pune people.

Price Range 
Fashion street is very cheap as compared to outside market. Dresses you can buy for less than 500 rupees, tops in between 200-300 rupees,  sunglasses below 300 rupees jewelleries and accessories are less than 100 rupees. Jeans below 700 rupees.  And beauty products depends.

Few tips
  • Don't go during weekends instead choose any weekdays
  • Go in afternoon less crowd will be there
  • Do bargain or ask for less price they definitely reduce money up to 20-50 rupees 
  • Do not buy beauty products because products may be fake. But nail paints, beauty blender,  hair clips can be bought. 
Shop timings 
You can start shopping from 10am till late evening.

What I bought 

  • Beauty blender - 150 Rupees 

  • Belt - 150 Rupees

  • Cold shoulder Top - 300 Rupees

  • Sunglasses -  250 Rupees 

  • Hand bag -  200 Rupees

  • Shrug - 300 Rupees 
  • Bellies - 200 Rupees 

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