Daily life hacks for PG/Hostel people

Starting an independent life?  Staying in PG or hostels are not easy.  You don't get all the facilities and comfort as you got at your home. Starting independent life is difficult in initial stage but don't worry we have few hacks to help you out.

1. Empty paper egg cartons can be used as cooling pad for your laptops.

2. To extend the life of your old jeans run a razor across it.

3 . Pen spring can help the charger from breaking.

4. Inner part of banana peel can help in whiten your teeth.

5. To charge phone faster put your phone in Airplane mode.

6. Use threads to cut cakes and other soft items.

7. When you boil eggs add a teaspoon of baking soda and the shell will come off easily.

8. Use a bowl lightly coated with oil to swat at mosquito with:

9. To chop onions without tears place them in cold water for few seconds.

10.Reflect back your Wifi signals using an aluminium wrapped cardboard sheet, if your router faces the wall.

11. Use a newspaper at the bottom of your dustbin it will help in soaking the food juices.

12. Drink lot of  Apple juice before going to bed.  It helps in vivid awesome dreams.

13. Take a sip of water after having tea,  coffee or any beverage to keep your teeth white and prevent any tooth decay.

14. Use nail paints to identify them easily.

15. Pick the shatter glass with a slice of bread.

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